My Linear Algebra Journey Begins Now

Documenting my endeavors in linear algebra

Photo by XPS on Unsplash

As part of a project for my Advanced Topics in Mathematics course in school, I was tasked to learn about a brand new topic in mathematics. The end goal is to teach an introductory lesson to my classmates. For this project, I chose to learn about linear algebra, mostly because I heard that it has applications in machine learning and computer science. I’m curious to see what exactly these application are, but most importantly, I want to understand the basics of linear algebra and some of its key quantitative concepts. Therefore, I will be documenting my journey learning about this wonderful subject on with you guys here.

Apart from discussing the actual content, I will also talk about some other things I’ll be bound to learn, including lessons about reading from a college textbooks and first reactions dealing with college-level mathematics as a high school student. I’m thinking about labeling them in parts, so my next post will contain the words “Part 1: …” at the beginning. Looking forward to sharing what I will learn, and I can’t wait to crack open my textbook! I hope you guys will enjoy my journey.



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